“For deserving loyalty, you have to first earn loyalty!”

Grab the customer's attention!

We offer devised plans on how to use contactless loyalty programs to attract and retain consumer engagement.

Gives an insight!

We gather information on what your customers find the most appealing in the store.

Customer Experience

With our contactless loyalty app, customers become comfortable and trust the company for a future compatible experience.

A chain of consumer loyalty

We plan detailed insight on how to make your customer stick with your store for points more than anything else.

Word of mouth

We keep the older customers satisfied and that helps in recruiting the new ones at the cost of conventional marketing methods

Meeting new expectations

We know loyalty programs encourage your customers to come back to your stores to make frequent purchases. Thereby we provide your ideas for unique incentives that include advanced access to exclusive products, free merchandise, or additional discount.

Increase Business

We enable users to expand their business at a much larger platform

Loyalty plan ups

We help customers in the brainstorming of loyalty plans easily without getting tired up in the process.

Loyalty plan ups

We help customers in the brainstorming of loyalty plans easily without getting tired up in the process.

Access globally

Hunky dory barney fanny around up the duff no biggie loo cup of tea jolly good ruddy say arse.!

We make it easy

We save our clients from long due procedures and provide them services firsthand with supreme quality.

World widely known

We make sure that the business associated with us is recognized world widely because of its quality and performance also

Efficient working

The business we put our hands on exist independently of any faults that might result in their slow progression

Features of the Contactless reward app!

Here at Perkss, we know the importance of contactless loyalty programs, thereby we plan strategies based on statistics and analysis of your grocery store and build for you a contactless reward app to engage a healthy relationship between the customer and the business.



We believe in discipline thereby we work disciplinary to deliver your consignment with sheer management.

Customer care

You are important for us, thereby it is liable on us to take your most care and for the purpose, we have our customer portal open for you 24/7.


A firm in need is a firm in deed thereby we are always ready to give attention to every intricate need of yours.

No Contract deals

We acknowledge that our relationship with our clients are the most sacred thereby we trust in them enough to not indulge in any such formalities.

Perkss; the features!

Mobile app developers
Mobile app developers

The competition in the mobile app market is very serious and we also put out our best for you to beat your competitors.

The online services
The online services

We offer our online services so that you can generate maximum revenue out of every platform.

Website development
Website development

Websites are the real face of business therefore we invest our truest creativity to put forward the best for you.

Community friendly
Community friendly

Collaboration is what holds the community together thereby we regard it highly.

Boost Customer Engagement

Studies in this area prove that 78% of consumers prefer to access their loyalty rewards and program information on their smartphones thereby we provide you with a system based on the smartphone to allow the customers to sign up and track their loyalty rewards instead of carrying a number of coupons.

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Brings in revenue!

The more appropriate your contactless loyalty program more will it gain and retain your customer's brand loyalty attention span thereby it is necessary for you to join your hands with Perkss. to get the best ideas for improving your grocery ROI.

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