Strengthen Customer Loyalty By Offering Rewards

Giving out rewards amplifies the bond between you and your customers. It shows the caring and the nurturing side of your business. With Perkss, you can devise the perfect method to promote, proffer and send rewards to your customers

Rewards Card

Loyalty & Rewards

Customers can use interact with your business with the help of Perkss Rewards Card. These cards can indicate the customer’s loyalty to the store. With the reward cards, the customer can gather points by shopping at the store, by performing activities, or by receiving the services your business offers. The physical reward cards can store the information on the amount of point that the customer has.


The reward cards include a QR code, scratchable secure strips or NFC tags, which are used to access the data on the card. This means, by getting their QR codes or NFC tags scanned, the customers can learn about the number of points stored in their cards. Additionally, your store can also top up the points in the customer’s reward card using the QR code or the NFC tag.


Along with the QR code, Perkss also proferrs the option of adding scratch able secure strips in the reward card. With this option, your customers can simply scratch the strip and enter the code to earn the rewards. Sit down with our experts to design the perfect physical reward card for your business.

Digital Rewards | The Convenient Option

Earning online points are a convenient option for customers. With Perkss, you can set a methodological system, personalized to accommodate your business’s budget, which can help you reward your loyal customers. Online points, stored in the digital loyalty card, can include cashback rewards and discounted products. The digital loyalty card can be scanned using QR codes.
  • Loyalty by unit and visit.
  • Customized loyalty to attract customers.
Service details feature image
Service details feature image

Physical Rewards | The Feel-Good Option

Your customers can also be rewarded points in a tangible form. Perks can assist you in rewarding the customers with physical cashback rewards and reward cards. With this option, your customers can directly visit the store to reclaim the reward.