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Book Reservations with Your Digital Devices

Perkss believes in simplicity, organisation and a smoother flow of operations. Due to this, we offer businesses the opportunity to create an online reservation booking system. Our panel of professional web designers and developers can create the perfect mobile application to streamline your business’s affairs. We design applications that cater to both iOS and Android platforms.

A Simplified Booking Process | Get A Perfect Application Designed to Accommodate Your Business’s Needs!

With Perkss, we can simplify the process of booking a reservation. Our user-friendly mobile application can enable your customers to make a booking from anywhere. At Perkss, we aim to satisfy your business’s every need, therefore, you are given the power select options which could be added to the reservation form. A typical reservation form includes the following choices.


The application’s reservation includes the option to select a date. Our teams can include a pop-up calendar to make it easier for customers to schedule the date.


The reservation form can also include limitations for the number of guests. The application can be designed to automatically restrict reservations for parties which exceed or fall behind the acceptable range of guests


You can also limit the reservation booking by the geographic location. Our developers can use area mapping to ensure that reservations are only made by individuals who reside within the specified location.

Time Frame

Your business can also personalise the number of slots available for reservations. You can communicate your requirements to our designers, so we can assist you in creating the ideal application that satisfies your business’s needs.

Personal Information

You can also include the option to inquire about the customer’s demographic information. Our designers can add a slot for first name, last name, email address, and contact number.

Keep an Automated Log of All Your Bookings with Your Business Application

The online reservation booking system can streamline your business operations. In addition to the customer’s application, Perkss can create an additional application, exclusively for your business, which helps you keep track of the reservations. As a result, you can keep an automated log of all your bookings and stay organized!

Stay updated by receiving booking notifications

Perkss provides an exhaustive service. With our intelligent design, you would receive a notification, each time a customer makes a booking. The notification can be sent to you via text (SMS) or email. Communicate your preference to our teams, so we can provide you with exactly what you need!