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Business all around the market has faced a paradigm shift because of undergoing digital modification. The grocery shopping previously that was considered as a very time-consuming activity is now known widely for its easy availability and that all was made possible because of companies like "Perkss". We provide all the facilities and services for our customers to help them run their grocery stores online by creating web and mobile apps for retail stores and also for grocery stores.


De-Pressurize The Workload

When the order queue keeps on extending, the quality service gets compromised therefore with Perkss order and pay it minimizes the performance pressure of your staff members and spare you more span to build positively regarded customer relations.

Ideal to deal with all

We understand that you cater to very different kinds of customers and we propose to take care of the customers who want to sit with their family instead of joining ques by order and pay solution.

Secure checkout policy

While ordering and paying, your card details are handled safely and securely to provide you a seamless ordering experience.

Real-time view of stock availability

Perkss present an advantage for its customers by designing web and mobile apps for retail stores* in such a way that they get a real-time view of the stock and menu to avoid embarrassment for asking customers to change their order at the last moment.

What is this online ordering system? Why has it suddenly swept off all the businesses from their physical grounds?

Online ordering systems are the most powerful asset for a successful business as it offers convenience and amenity. Research shows that 82% of Americans prefer ordering-in instead of dining out using their smartphones. The future seems like grocery stores and retail stores will be off-premise as the online segment has shown a rapid growth than any other services. Due to the increase in the exponent of digital ordering, groceries and retail stores now need to move towards digital strategies and online ordering and we assist them in shifting their physical stores into online serving websites. Our spectrum of online ordering services enables customers to order their customized orders for food and beverages, however, you are provided with full control of the flow of orders coming from your menu to the venue to take your business revenue to new heights. All while preserving this in a stress-free environment along with giving all the required flexibility the customers look forward to.

Range of Choices

Customers feel good when they have a range of choices to choose from their ordering options

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Click and Collect

Along with offering food delivery the web and mobile app for grocery stores and small restaurants are integrated with the prospering trend of Click and collect

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Customer Flexibility

To offer the customer more choice and feasibility. Perkss Click and Collect technology is a thoroughly responsive web application, enhancing the user experience

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Created With A Vision

Online ordering systems are the most powerful asset for a successful business as it offers convenience and amenity.

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Order And Pay Without Sacrificing Your Comfort Zone, Ever Again!

Perkss provides the web and mobile native app for your online retail or grocery store so that your customers can place food orders online using their mobiles and can pay for it online too. We provide the option to pay online to place brand loyalty at the customer's comfort.

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Treat The Customers At Hand!

Waiting for getting the attention of servers to get served with your ordered food can be very tiring therefore to escape that Perkss contactless ordering app solution offers the customers to order whenever and wherever they want without having to wait for being served.

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