Perkss Mission.
We Build Smiles

Perkss Mission Statements

Our core mission at Perkss is to empower Small Business Owners to stand against corporate giants such as Amazon and Starbucks. It is our firm belief that the true cultural heart of a community is exuded by the blood, sweat and tears that Small Business Owners pour into their products every single day. Whether it is through the scent of a freshly brewed coffee from that cozy cafe located around the corner, or the glowing smile of a hard-working customer representative, it is an undeniable facet of life that certain key locales offer us a special flavor that simply cannot be found in larger, more popular chains.

In this manner, through our business we hope to achieve a synergy in which Smaller Local Businesses that display potential are not only able to attain the kind of growth that they deserve but also give back to the community as they intend. This objective would be realized through our multi-tiered, uniquely developed and painstakingly researched Loyalty Card Program that will set a suitable business towards the path of easily fulfilling their desired goals. Local Businesses such as the ones we hope to target, thrive on repeat customers that recognize the excellence of their products and there is no better way to retain as well as reward the loyalty of these people than to incentivize them to keep on coming back for more goodness.

What makes our Loyal Program the best you might ask?

It is due to the following four pillars that we established ourselves upon from the get go.

1. Increased Profit

First and foremost, is our mission to maximize the revenue of Small Business Owners and take away some, if not all, of the stresses that go along with running, managing and operating a business in the fast paced economy of today.

2. Easy to Use

All of our software applications will be systematically designed in such a way as to minimize the technological hurdles that one might experience when attempting to integrate such a program into their existing business. Let us worry about the technical mumbo-jumbo whilst you focus on the things that really matter: Making sure that every customer leaves the store satisfied.

3. Cost Effective

Understandably enough, since we will be targeting smaller local businesses in key areas of the city, we do not expect the same level of cash flow as we would receive from a global corporation. Thus, all of our loyalty tiers, from the design of the Loyalty Card itself to the launching of your very own Mobile App, have been efficiently designed to reduce costs while providing the maximum bang for your buck. We guarantee that you will not find what we have to offer, at a lower or even similar price range.

4. Innovative Technologies

Do not let our commitment to providing a cost-effective and customer-oriented experience fool you. Some of the most talented programmers, designers and representatives have been working behind the scenes to transform this dream into a reality. Utilizing cutting edge innovations in the technological side, we remain confident in our ability to gift small businesses the crucial advantage they need in order to operate in the rapidly modernizing world of today.