Enhance customer retention, with our membership Program.

Rewards your customer

The primary motive behind Perkss loyalty program is to retain customers
by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behavior.

Our Membership Program

Perkss offers an appealing membership program that can drive the value of each and every one of your customers while delivering seamless customer experiences.

What's great about the Perkss Membership is that you can easily register your members, you can extend or renew their membership with our extremely user friendly application.

Sign up members for fixed monthly subscription.

At this point, there's simply no arguing the rising popularity of Monthly subscriptions. Perkss will show you how our monthly subscription plans can take your business to the next level.

What we offer?

Enhance your sale with our membership program. You can renew, extend and edit your members’ membership.

Perkss’ flexible membership enables brands to craft the right customer experiences to drive their business goals.

Payment Types



Apple Pay

Our Relationship with customers

Perkss Loyalty membership increase customer lifetime value by turning insights
into personal, lasting and profitable relationships.