Our reward strategy brings the best in your grocery bag!

Design and implement

We plan and formulate such reward policies and designs that will support your business objectives the most.

Transmitting an active workforce

We work on our contactless gift cards for assuring you manpower that can put your grocery store at the best place.

The work environment

With our contactless gift cards you and your customers will feel appreciated within our workspace.

Motivation is the key

Perkss uses these incentives to motivate staff and consumers to go that extra mile to contribute towards business growth.

Employee loyalty

We offer you a strategic plan to gain your employee loyalty by using benefits bonuses and gift cards.

Gift cards are a friend to every pocket and every tight-budget!

It is important to have the right framing and explicitness for reward planning as gift cards can grow with your budget and can offer you back at differing points.

Connecting with employees

We offer a plethora of gift cards for connecting with employees to work on a single place to compensate for their expenses.

A treat to employees

You can give your employees a new experience of treating themselves for helping you earn the name in the market.

A safe business space

We let our customers breathe freely while we try to reduce every tension in their work.

The more people know, the better it is!

We set your business internationally for people all over the world to access your services.

Effective functioning

We design contactless gift cards that alter all the feasible errors from the working system to enable it to run effectively.

The integration know-how

With Perkss expertise in the integration surface we commit to bring forward a great response and attention to your business.

The perks, Perkss have to offer!

With Perkss contactless gift cards, we promise to tap you into a whole new market of consumers that may have not been able to buy goods due to limited resources or either by choice.


Strict surveillance

We work under strict surveillance to put forward our best while keeping all the checks on the box of management.we work under strict surveillance to put forward our best while keeping all the checks on the box of management.

Customer care unit

Perkss customer portal is all ears for client's inquiries until they are fully satisfied.

Consulting Services

We offer our top-quality services for assisting our client's journey of explorations and analytical judgments.

No formal deal where there is a family feel

Here at Perkss our clients are our family thereby we don't feel these conditions necessary to fulfill.

We offer gift cards aligning with our company values!

Meeting the store expectations
Meeting the store expectations

We lay new ideas and techniques for enhancing and equipping your gift cards.

Online availed cards
Online availed cards

our online gift cards help you to make the most out of online sites.

Gift cards manufacturing
Gift cards manufacturing

It's not easy to build a promising and growing gift card but fear not, we have the experts in the field to keep you covered.

Collaboration with recognition
Collaboration with recognition

We believe in the collective of society thereby we offer a platform healthy enough for website and store owners to work in collaboration with their employees.

Make your employees feel valued

When you connect the right regard with the reward, you make the most out of it. Appreciate them and recognize their efforts thoroughly to make them feel welcome and to motivate them to do even better.

A reward catalogs

We make a catalog of the right reward choices for your employees to choose from. This helps the people working under you to make the most out of the chance they are provided to help themselves. For enhancing your business relations and employee loyalty, contact Perkss.

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