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Gift Cards | Offer Convenience to Your Customers!

Gift cards play an important role in inviting new customers and in retaining loyal ones. For your business to compete with the leading firms in the industry, you must offer them inviting opportunities to visit your business. With a Gift Card, your business can introduce its products to a new range of customers, and subsequently, increase customer loyalty. 

Perks can assist you in creating digitalized and physical gift cards to promote your business. The gift cards can be scanned with a QR Code, or they could include an NFC tag. The QR code or the NFC tag is present on the cards to store customer data. If your customer wishes to add credit to their gift cards, they can visit the store to top up the balance. Additionally, the QR code or the NFC tag can be scanned to inform the customers about their remaining balance, after they have completed the shopping.

At Perkss, we provide personalized solutions, designed exclusively to satisfy the individual requirements of your business.

Physical Gift Cards | The Familiar Option​

Physical gift cards are ideal for customers who look for the traditional shopping experience. You can get physical gift cards to appeal to he older generation, who enjoy the familiar experience of shopping in stores. With Perkss, you can design gift cards that can be used in stores, or through an online application.

Digital Gift Cards | The Effortless Option

Your business should offer something for every demographic. For instance, the younger generation relies on using digital gift cards, which are convenient, effortless and simple to buy and gift to others.

At Perkss, we can create the perfect digital gift card that appeals to your target demographic! 

Propose Multiple Mediums For Payment

The designs created by Perkss offer maximum convenience. Our teams can provide your customers with multiple payment options to purchase gift cards. You can pay through a debit card, credit card, or with cash.