Behold The Power of Perkss Forecourts

Excellent Service

Offer or give your service with a smile to customers. This will give a positive impact on customers.

  • Talk to customers about your services.
  • Beat the competition by checking other prices.
  • Keep some kind of commonly used phone accessories.

Offer Discounts

Offer discounts and loyalty to special or loyal customers.

  • Free air.
  • Get free coffee.
  • Offer tokens.


Keep interesting products on your forecourts to drive your business on extra sales.

  • Keep bread, milk, newspaper at affordable price.
  • Keeps Money Machines for customer convenience.

Online Booking

Perkss is a flexible online reservation system / booking software for its customers.

Our services are one click away. you can book our service from your phone. download and get our excellent services at the convenience of your phone.

Easily switch between your smartphone and tablet.

Sahre with friends

Refer our app to your friends and family, and get benefits.

Now you can refer application to your friends and family with one click and sit back and enjoy the perkss.