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Promote Your Business’s Online Ordering Services with Perkss

Perkss helps businesses launch ordering services for digital platforms. We pride ourselves in creating interactive, visually-pleasing, and highly receptive online ordering applications, so you can expand your business operations to the digital world.

At Perkks, we have an in-house panel of skilled web designers and web developers, who can create a customised online ordering application to flawlessly represent your brand. Our expertise lies in generating responsive applications that can run on both iOS and Android platforms. We integrate cutting-edge technology to engineer online ordering applications for the hospitality industry.

Grocery Items

Designing digitalised online stores is our niche. Take a look at what we offer…

Visuals of products

In order to enhance the user experience, the online ordering system for groceries comprises of product images. The addition of images adds to the credibility of your online stores and further encourages customers to add products to the carts.

Product categories

Our grocery store application includes categories for each item. Your products can be divided into separate sections, including frozen items, beverages, fresh produce and others. If you want personalized categories, you can always collaborate with our accommodating teams.


Feature exclusive recipes on your application with the help of Perkss!

Interactive features

An application designed for the hospitality industry must be customer-friendly. At Perkss, we design and create user-friendly applications to invite more customers.

Automated recommendations

In addition to creating an interactive application, Perkss helps your business promote other products through its intelligent automated recommendations. This way, when your customers are searching for a particular recipe, they would automatically get recommendations to purchase products that complement the food items

Multiple Delivery Options

Perkss provides you with a custom application that offers simplicity for you, as well as your customers. The online application can include the options for store-pick ups, along with delivery.

Area bound delivery

The online ordering applications would include the option for area bound delivery. At Perkss, our experts can integrate area mapping to ensure that the delivery is only applicable to customers who reside within the proximity of your store.

Delivery scheduling

Your business’s online ordering application would also include the option to schedule a delivery in the future. This way, your customers can set the delivery schedule to a day that is convenient for them.

Customised delivery slots

While designing your online ordering application, you would have the liberty to customise the delivery slots. With this feature, you can set a suitable number of available slots, which can be exclusive to your business’s individual needs.

Controlling the Spread Of Coronavirus With Government-Mandated Records of Customers, Staff and Visitors.

Perkss has taken the initiative to follow the regulations imposed by The Department of Health and Social Care. In this present situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we can integrate the option for contactless order and contactless trace in your business’s application design. The integration of this option can prioritise the safety of your delivery staff, as well as your customers.

The Department of Health and Social Care has made it necessary for businesses, restaurants, pubs and religious institutions to maintain a record of all the staff, customers and visitors, who physically visit the premises. These records can assist the NHS Test and Trace service to control and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The NHS test and Trace can discern and identify parties who have been in contact with a positively-tested individual. Following this, the said individual can be contacted and the parties at risk can be warned. As a result, the localised outbreaks of the coronavirus can be prevented, before they even occur.

The Department of Health and Social Care has set some regulations that businesses must follow. Perkss has considered all the requirements made obligatory by the DHSC, and subsequently, abides by the following rules: 

  • In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Perkss requires the consents of all visitors visiting the physical premises of our facility. 
  • Collecting the names and contact numbers of staff members who work on the premises. Perkss further keeps a record of the date and time during which they have worked. 
  • Collecting the names and contact numbers of all visitors and clients who visit our facility in-person. We ensure that the name and contact number of the clients are recorded in a digital database. In doing so, we abide by the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hence, the recorded data remains confidential and is kept in a secured, password-protected location. This data would only be provided to the NHS Test and Trace service-if and when they require it. 
  • Perkss further keeps a record of the date and time during which the visits were made. 
  • After the mandated period of twenty-one days, Perkss safely deletes all the records. 
  • At Perkss, we ensure that our staff and visitors follow the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs). Every individual in the facility is required to wear a face mask while maintaining the regulations of social distancing.