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Designed specifically for marketing your business

Market effectively

We compose and design complex marketing campaigns without having the need of managing a big team or planning a full-fledged budget for the purpose

Integrated marketing campaign solution

In a multi-vendor marketing world, it is quite essential to have thoughtful marketing ambitions to improve regularity, spend, and commitment along with the expansion of your customer root

Automated smart marketing

It saves you from investing half of your time and effort into understanding or coordinating with the program of campaigns.

Easy to supervise

Once, the setup is done, the rules are set, you can run offers and welcome redemptions without burdening the staff. After the initial start, very minimum input is involved on a continuous basis.

Experts of hospitality industry

The team of Perkss is a group of professionals that know all the tricks of the hospitality industry like the back of their hands. We will be working day in and day out with our clients, from the very first day to aid them in flourishing their business as far as they want.

Tracking success

To run a successful campaign, a strong starting point is just not enough. We have a smart system to measure the marketing strategy results and to regulate the impact of the campaigns on your customers. It gives a better insight on how your campaign is working and what tactics might help more in the long run.

Designed for developers.
Built for business.

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Keep customer preferences check

The habits customers are engaged in and the preferences they make says a lot about what they attract and get attracted to thereby the data collected from these observations create highly customizable offers and advertisements.

Communicating the right motive

In every business relationship, the key element for success is effective communication. However, sending relevant message make the customers feel valued and understood which double the chance of their revisit.

Segment the audience dynamically

The creative management system ensures that no need to spend time or invest efforts for manually establishing numerous variants is required. As the dynamic segmentation enables you to target the audience specifically on their differences in visits frequency or purchasing preferences by different campaigns designed accordingly.

Automated Promotions with a clear target

With Perkss, the automated promotions you create specifically plays an immense role to influence or promote customer behavior. For instance, if you notice that a customer hasn't lately been active on your site for months you can customize an email of "We miss you" with a personalized voucher to set up a trigger response by making the customer feel validated and appreciated.

Move faster

The timing of the context is really crucial for the purpose of delivering a clear and focused message, you have to carefully take this point under consideration to boost the customer engagement along with the increase in the drive of visits frequency and spending of a healthy amount at your business.

One center for all the multiple sources of database

At Perkss the data collected from multiple sources is put together at one central based data bank where you can then apply rules and regulations to direct the working chart of promotions and marketing campaigns either via email or SMS to the individual consumers according to their need, specifications, requirements, and the rules they specified.

Some of the Perkss features

It is important for an up-scale business to advertise itself at the upscaled outlets and for the purpose we offer revised plans to market your small business to grow into an empire. We take our pride in working and benefiting small independent businesses and large chains alike. We know marketing your business properly is like a backbone to the multi-site businesses engaging at a multi-vendor platform and we offer the services of a marketing campaign where we fulfill all your technology demands within a system that will fit all your business requirements.


Integrated marketing campaign

The platform we provide is designed specifically for the business-like yours to give you the perfect methods and skill set to engage in communication via email, SMS, and direct mail efficiently, effectively, automatically, and skillfully.

Full-proof functionality report

Perks not only work on the reports of the campaign's success but also generates reports to allow you to assess the customer journey. We use the response of vouchers redemption and regarded spend in association with campaigns to build and work for higher ROI.

Management of ineffective database

Along with fluently sending email campaigns, the designed system will also work on managing and updating the related database by tracking the numbers of unsubscribes, undelivered emails, or bounce backs so that you can keep an authentic trail and credible customer data at hand.

Tailoring Campaigns for the right audienceTAILORING CAMPAIGNS FOR THE RIGHT AUDIENCE:

To have a better marketing impact on customers, it is important to create a persona that complements the customer’s likes and dislikes. For example, we may come across a group of customers that may eschew print media, so for them we’ll create digital-only campaign materials.