In the sea of technological advancement engulfing the world of business, online appointment scheduling acts as a lifeboat for your business!

Keep things in-check with previous booking trends

By offering you an insight into previously done bookings we enable you to calculate wait and the staff requirement for the business which in turn allows you to reduce the distress from your staff on the days when you are the most occupied.

Leave no room for the third-party interference

With Perkss reservation system, you have complete access to your consumer data without any third-party involvement so that you can provide your customer's personalized experiences, promotions, and packages according to their preferences.

Table management through online booking

With the online booking system, your customers can accommodate and centralize their bookings. You can view in real-time the meal stage of your customer so that you can easily manage your wait list.

Phone booking

We transform the unanswered phone inquiries to confirmed bookings with our automated telephone booking solutions.

Booking for group

Perkss offers an integrated booking platform which enables you to take pre-orders and bookings for events and parties.

Designed especially for your business

Our customizable booking services allow customers to book online at any time and from any device. Along with it, our booking calendar help in maximizing capacity and increasing loyalty.

All the reasons for the perfect booking solution!

The only way to reduce workload and to curtail the chart of mistakes is to opt online booking as machines seldom get worked up, unlike humans. We put forward a solution for increasing the satisfaction and comfort of our customers by enabling them to not being dependent on anybody along with providing beneficiary services to their team and clients.

Your restaurants or store own-branded website or Native mobile app

We offer your customers to trust you by providing websites with a fully customizable web and mobile booking widget where only your brand's placement is available to increase a seamless experience of digital booking.

Confirmation reminders

On our online mobile booking app* we send guests automated emails and SMS to reconfirm their booking before their visits so that they can cancel or amend their booking as per their need.

Get rid of the double-booking risk

The booking made with Perkss designed online mobile booking apps make sure that new bookings are immediately added to the central diary for all the staff to see to make sure that there is no error to save your business from operational headache.

Powerful insight which enables you to take controlled decisions

All the collected data helps you to make confirmed decisions within the sectors of staff control, grocery uploading, stock control, enabling you to work more effectively and efficiency.

Complete in-session visibility

We enable you to keep an eye on your customer’s every stage of dining experience to manage the walk-in queues. you can open your tables for re-booking by keeping all the tables work chart in control of who has just started placing the orders and who is on their last bite of the deserts.

We are great at digital bookings and here's why

Here at Perkss, we understand how technology can make or break a business that is why we bring services that change lives and put your business in the finishing line of success trail.



You can keep in touch with your teammates and let them have the charge of knowing any and every booking change to keep the business managed.

Customer Portal

Barb your customers rightly when needed, directly call or email them from our customer portal service.


You can put all your worries at ease as we will be there to assist you at every step.

No Contract

we believe in no contract deals.

The awesomeness of Perkss.

Our services provide you an escape from your worries, we provide you space to get easier as we keep you thoroughly updated on what's happening around you all on the phone, wherever and whenever you want.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps we design are known for creating a difference in the online market.

Online Store

We tend to bridge the employer-customer gap by our online services


We formulate the best running websites with organic traffic.


We believe in teamwork thereby we appreciate the existence of collaboration.

Rising revenue

Digital booking is very necessary for the era of digitization to keep up with the frequent changes. It is important for generating revenue to get an online appointment scheduling by Perkss. which is built with the best coding techniques, an easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing interface.

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Return of investment guaranteed

Although e-commerce, websites are nowadays, however, it is not easy to create a profitable booking website as it needs a lot of effort, creative thought processing, and SEO knowledge which our experts at Perkss. are professionally trained in to give you back more than you put in.

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