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It might be a shocking revelation, but people in this digital era are lonely and isolated more than ever. Everyone is so indulged in the fast-paced lifestyle that there is no time for real communication among individuals. Many think the use of the internet and social media might have a positive influence on the feelings of isolation in a person, but it is the total opposite.

People now crave for face-to-face interactions, a feeling of having a community, and a work-life balance. Brands can take advantage of this mere fact and strengthen their identity and reputation. Community building can prove to be beneficial to brands in so many ways. If you’re willing to know more about why building a community is critical for a business, continue reading.

Helps With Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the traditional ways a brand can gain new customers and increase brand awareness, and community building is the most convenient way to go around it. According to a study, 84% of people will buy from a brand if a friend or acquaintance refers to it. This is a significant statistic, and a smart business owner will know how to take advantage of it.

Brand awareness is highly critical for a brand if it wants to compete in the fierce and daunting in-store as well as the digital market. Many brands achieve this goal through brand ambassadors. The brand ambassadors are given the task to market the brand among their friends and within their neighbourhood. This way, more and more people are aware of the services and the chances of gaining more leads increase for the company.

A Good Source of Sincere Feedback

For a brand, a community doesn’t only help with the growth, but it is also a source of honest feedback from customers. Results from traditional research through surveys are not deemed as authentic as before. Hence, brands need to come up with a way to interact with their customers and find out what they think about their products.

Online communities help the brand gain a deeper understanding of their customer’s needs and interests. Only this way, a brand can truly deliver quality services and maintain a happy and loyal customer base.

Encourage Brand Loyalty

According to a study, a brand can increase 90% of its revenue by returning customers. Another study says a loyal customer is most likely to spend double the amount on your brand’s products. Hence, it is vital to come up with strategies which engage present customers. Web and mobile apps for retail stores and grocery stores can take advantage of the customer data, and send loyalty rewards like vouchers and promotional offers to loyal customers. Such strategies will ensure that the customers keep coming back and increase the sales for your brand.

A brand can harness the power of community building to nourish the brand’s identity, enhance the customer base, and to keep getting better and better with innovative and creative customer service policies.

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