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Every year, there are new and more compelling technologies invented that are making digital shopping more fun and uncomplicated. When brick and mortar stores are working day and night to enhance in-store experience of customers with the use of highly advanced technology, the digital stores are leaving no stones unturned to seek new innovative ways to gain revenue and leave the customers with a satisfying shopping experience. The following are the trends that will completely change the face of digital shopping and make it one of the leading industries in the future. 


Augmented reality is one of the biggest technical tools that is going to make a huge difference in how digital stores operate. It has already been implemented by many companies like Toyota, where the customers were able to experience different cars without having to drive them in reality. Retail digital stores, like Amazon, have started to make use of this technology and reported a decrease in the number of returns as this is a big problem for digital grocery and cosmetics stores. Augmented reality helps in making the customer understand the product with more insight, hence leaving no place for any doubt when the product is purchased.


Customers of this new age are impatient and don’t want to wait more than two days to get their hands on their products. This has been a challenging problem to overcome, especially for digital grocery stores, as most of the time, customers would prefer to get their groceries in less than 24 hours. Big sharks in the world of retail digital stores have introduced one-day free shipping programs that help the shopped products to reach their buyers in less than a day, making online shopping more convenient and speedy.


Artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning has not only made online shopping fast but also easy and personalized. Customers want to know as much as they can about the products they are looking for online such as prices, styles and due delivery dates preferably on a single page. AI is the helping hand in making online shopping all about what customers are looking for and what they are willing to buy, by gaining information from different social media sites and search engines.


A new blend of digital and reality that goes even beyond augmented reality will be seen in the near future as the face of advanced digital store shopping. People will be able to try on dresses, makeup and different accessories and test them while placing themselves in virtual locations, for example, a bride will be able to try on new bridal dresses virtually and see herself walk on the aisle of the church, in which she is going get married in, just to be sure of which one would look the best.

These groundbreaking trends will bring forth a new era of creative, advanced and technology-friendly digital shopping. This industry is on its way to experience peak success in the near future and become one of the most money-making businesses.

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